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Whistleblower Report: Illinois Teacher

I am supportive of the gay and lesbian community, and even of transgender people who are diagnosed. However, identifying as transgender today is based on person's claim, often not on a diagnosis. And even if diagnosed, the affirmative treatment of children that is medical is unethical.

I want to emphasize the first of my concerns is that Illinois District 65, including lessons about gender identity, are exposing children in grades K-8 to a vulnerability that could affect their becoming gender dysphoric. Also, my second concern is that District 65 school policy seems to allow/require for its employment to identify and socially treat students as their opposite gender without parental notification and/or approval, and to develop what they call Gender Support Plans that do not require parental involvement.

The curriculum regarding gender identity was developed by D65 last summer, and implemented last week. I’m concerned especially about vulnerable girls - especially autistic girls - who are treated medically without evidence-based practice.

Hence, District 65 may be increasing the vulnerability of children to a diagnosis of dysphoria as a consequence of their offered lessons of the week of October 7, while at the same time refusing parental involvement in their child's dysphoria, should that dysphoria begin to show indicators in a child in the school district. Simply, District 65's lessons could be affecting gender dysphoria in children, and its policies could be refusing parents information and informed consent in treating their own children's mental health.

This week of 10/7, District 65 schools in Evanston, IL presented lessons to children, many regarding gender identity. The Kelsey Coalition received a link from me to the lesson plans. I want to update you as to my further actions with the School Board of District 65.

On October 10, I emailed all board members and Representative Jan Schakowsky,  expressing my concern about the effects the lessons might have on children's mental health and vulnerability in learning about these topics, with links to the following resources that substantiate my concern:

Up to this date and time, none of the board members have contacted me, and neither has Rep. Jan Schakowsky, in response to my email.

In continuing my email to you, The Kelsey Coalition, I state that I believe that the learning about gender dysphoria topics themselves might trigger vulnerability in children to become dysphoric, especially vulnerable autistic children, children with anxiety struggles, and children with eating disorders. And especially girls who are prepubescent.

I also want to present to you their school policy that permits the district to develop what they call "Gender Support Plans". I am a teacher, not an attorney, but the policy reads as if District 65 can create these plans for students without consulting or despite having consulted the student's parents. Here is the plan: EVANSTON/SKOKIE COMMUNITY CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT 65 PROCEDURE FOR STUDENT GENDER SUPPORT and a quote from the above plan:

"If the District Superintendent or Superintendent designee determines that disclosure of a Gender Support Plan to the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) is unavoidable, the Gender Support Team shall create a plan for addressing the student’s expressed needs for safety from such disclosure that prioritizes the emotional, health and educational success of the student."

Again, District 65's lessons for the week of 10/7 could be affecting gender dysphoria in children, and its policies could be refusing parents information and informed consent in treating their own children's mental health.