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SCOTUS Rally Speech: Minor Child Medicalized Without Parent Consent

Like any parent, I’ve had a deep love for my child long before she came into this world. Like any parent, I was thrilled when I was told I had just delivered a healthy baby girl. Like any parent, I loved her the best I could, celebrated her gifts and wanted to help her become a healthy, whole human being who recognized her strengths, weathering the tough times and triumph over the inevitable adversities that touch us all. And I would be there by her side.

Like any parent, I was shocked when my beautiful girl, who had never shown any signs of gender dysphoria, declared herself male after spending a lot of  time on the internet, chatting with various self-diagnosed trans kids. Like any parent I could see that my happy, bright child was having trouble with navigating adolescence, a stage that many kids have struggled through since the dawn of time. Like any parent I was concerned and took her to get help. Like any parent I trusted mental health professionals to help her develop coping strategies to deal with her newly diagnosed ADHD, depression and anxiety that contributed to her low self-esteem, her revisionist memories, and her inability to be comfortable in her own skin.

Like any parent I was skeptical when these professionals seemed much more interested in affirming the notion she was born in the wrong body. Like any parent I questioned the idea this child I knew and loved, who was born absolutely perfect the way she was, who thrived until the teen years, was “the wrong sex” and required testosterone and surgery to make her body match her current self-perception. Like any parent I was shocked when my commitment and love for my daughter was called into question. Like any parent I wondered why professionals would want to assist my daughter in becoming a lifelong medical patient. Mental health professionals didn’t listen when I said that my daughter has all of the signs of being on the autism spectrum and instead pushed her toward a path of drugs and surgeries.

Like any woman, I know what it is like to sometimes hate being female, especially given the sex stereotypes designed to hold us back. Like any woman, I could empathize with my daughter’s desire to escape her body and all the things that come with being a woman: unwanted attention, being sexualized and harassed, and having others tell us how women are supposed to act and not supposed to act. Like any woman, I understood why any young woman would grapple with sexuality, whether lesbian, bi or straight.

Like any parent, I grieved as I saw my daughter slip away from me and from the world the more she was affirmed as something she wasn’t. The deeper she got into queer theory, the more angry and detached she became. Like any parent, I felt betrayed when I found out a pediatric endocrinologist, someone who knows how powerful our bodies’ natural hormones are, would teach my 16-year old daughter to inject herself with testosterone, a primarily male hormone known and documented to have many horrible side effects on young girls including male pattern baldness, vaginal atrophy, infertility, and an increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

Like any parent, it is hard to believe that my once beautiful, healthy child, now 19 years old, is in and out of homelessness, bearded, her breasts amputated and reproductive organs removed, and living in extreme poverty, all just to be her “authentic self.” Doctors did this to her while she was still a minor, without my consent or any involvement. My child is mentally ill, no longer thriving, and yet our public schools, government, mental health professionals, medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies are telling me what is best for my child and that being opposed to this form of self-actualization is tantamount to abuse. Like any parent, I am angry and full of rage that this is the only kind of “help” offered to my child and that parental rights are being stripped away, while doctors strip our children of their healthy reproductive organs. But most of all, my heart is shattered and I grieve for my child and for the life she now faces. Like any parent would.

This speech was presented on October 8, 2019 at a rally sponsored by the Women's Liberation Front and Concerned Women for America at the Supreme Court of the United States. The speech may be watched online. The reaction of the hostile crowd may be viewed here.