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SCOTUS Rally Speech: College Students Quickly Medicalized Without Proper Assessment

Young college students may legally be considered adults, but they have much growing up to do. Their brains are still developing. Many are far away from home for the first time. They have the freedom to make choices and hard decisions. And are managing the stress of academics and finding new friends.

And even though they are legal adults, they are not quite grown-ups. Neuro-scientists agree that the prefrontal cortex -- the decision-making part of the brain -- does not mature until at least age 25.

And yet colleges allow their students to make life-altering medical decisions that have the potential to damage their bodies beyond repair. And they ignore parents when they express their well-founded concerns.

I know. Because that is what happened to my son.

Did you know that most college students can be prescribed cross sex hormones while attending school unknown to their parents? I do. Because Rutgers University medically transitioned my son without my knowledge.

Did you know most college health care plans will pay for this? I do. Because the hormones that my son was prescribed cost nothing more than a small co-pay.

Did you know that schools do not properly assess students before prescribing them these drugs? I do. Because all my son had to do was sign a simple form and go to the pharmacy and start taking the hormones that are wreaking havoc on his body.

Did you know that when you find out that your child’s college is prescribing life-changing hormones, and you try to tell them about your child’s medical history, that they will not care?

I do. Because Rutgers transitioned my son even though I begged them to consider underlying health concerns. It is standard medical practice that health histories should be considered before prescribing ANY drug. First, Do No Harm.

People dismiss me. They say “Your son is a legal adult. He should be allowed to do what he wants.”

Really? He is not financially independent. He is not old enough to drink. He is not old enough to rent a car. So why should he be trusted to make decisions that will permanently alter his body? Why should the mother who raised him and knows his entire health history not be allowed to care and express her concerns?

People call me a bigot. They say I don’t accept --- or even really love -- my son.

Really? Being a mother means believing in your child when no one else does. Being a mother means believing in your child when he doesn’t believe in himself. Being a mother means not collaborating with your child’s self destruction, no matter how much he hates you for it.

When we parents send our kids off to college, we trust they are in a place where they are learning to be adults, making their own mistakes, and learning from them. But if we discover they are making life-altering medical decisions -- ones that we believe were not based on extensive health histories or full information --we step in. This is not helicopter parenting, this is loving parenting. This is not controlling our kids, this is caring for them.

Gender ideology tells our children that their minds are right and their bodies are wrong. Gender ideology tells our children that happiness is found at the end of a surgeon’s scalpel and a prescription copay. Gender ideology tells our kids that self acceptance is an old, antiquated concept and chasing a fantasy is where self fulfilment lies.

Gender ideology is harmful. There are many ways to be a male or female and neither of them require rebelling against Mother Nature and rejecting your healthy body.

I stand firm in my commitment to my child’s best interest, when he doesn’t accept it for his own good because I am his mother. I will never give up on him. And I will never stop speaking out.

This speech was presented on October 8, 2019 at a rally sponsored by the Women's Liberation Front and Concerned Women for America at the Supreme Court of the United States. The speech may be watched online. The reaction of the hostile crowd may be viewed here.