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Parent Report of an 8th-Grade Classroom

My daughter started identifying as transgender two years ago at age 11. Soon she had new lingo and a binder to compress her developing breasts. While initially supportive of what I thought was innocent identity exploration, I soon learned that supporting a child’s experimentation with being transgender sets them on a rapid path to irreversible medical harm.

Before starting at a new school, I met with the principal and described my concerns. I requested I be informed before any lessons regarding “gender identity” so I could opt out if desired. My request was disregarded.

On National Coming Out Day all students were to wear a name tag announcing their gender identity and/or sexuality. On the Day of Silence for LGBT visibility, they were shown a movie with a pro-trans theme and not allowed to discuss, since they were supposed to be silent. In health class they get lessons using the “Gender Unicorn” on which website we learn that chromosomes are only loosely related to sex.

I learned that the Department of Education had recently given a training on the subject to the school and as a result all staff has their pronouns in their email signatures.

In my daughter's current 8th grade classroom of 35 students, there are five children who identify as transgender. That is 14% of the entire class. All are only 13-years old.

  • MTF on puberty blockers and estrogen
  • FTM on puberty blockers and testosterone
  • FTM on puberty blockers since this summer, testosterone to come
  • Female who identifies as non-binary, not on hormones (so far)
  • FTM (my daughter, no hormones)

Our state law bans what they call “conversion therapy” which requires therapists to “affirm” children who believe they are transgender. Merely mentioning gender discomfort is enough for a kid to be labelled as transgender in a single visit here in our state. For example, I took my daughter for a “crisis” evaluation at a local clinic where she saw a counselor for only 30 minutes outside of my presence. I was appalled to discover the counselor’s report described my daughter as “a 13-year-old transgendered male” and used he/him pronouns throughout.

So in order to get therapy for my daughter, I have to pay out of pocket for her to have virtual therapy with a therapist in the UK.

Why can’t I find a single therapist to help my daughter without telling her she is a boy? Why do 14% of the students in my daughter’s 8th grade class believe they were born in the wrong body? And why are doctors giving them hormonal treatments?