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Mother Describes Why California Social Workers Put Her Daughter in Foster Care

My daughter was a lovely, normal girl until her friend molested her at the age of 14.

Soon after, she told me that she wanted to cut off her breasts and wanted me to call the police because she was suicidal. When they arrived, the police officer told me that I should just accept my daughter as transgender. The Psychiatric Emergency Team checked her out and said she was fine. But the police officer took her for a 72-hour hold.

This was the beginning of the end. Things spiraled downward after this and my daughter accused me of emotional and physical abuse and I ended up with a case against me at the Department of Children and Family Services for not accepting her as a male.

They removed my daughter her from my home and put her in foster care where she hung out with kids that were in their 20's and doing drugs.

I finally paid a lawyer to get my name cleared, but it has been holy hell. I had to move out of my home state of California because they would not allow me to parent my child, who was obviously suffering from trauma.

When my daughter returned home I sent her to a wilderness camp in Utah where she received the help she needed. My daughter thanks me to this day for sending her because she tells me she was just so stuck.

It is now three years later and she is no longer identifying as a transgender.

I am still attempting to find the right therapist to work with her, but don't want a therapist to support the transgender ideology. This has been impossible to find.