Georgia Mother Desperate to Find Help for Teenage Son

My teenage son recently told me that he feels like a girl. We searched the internet for local assistance and were not able to find any that would not help him change how he feels, but just those encouraged him to change his body to match his feelings.

There were no support groups to try to get to the root of the issue. My son found a support group, so we attended together. The entire session was coaching the participants on how to transition. At the end of the meeting, they offered them, free women clothing, accessories, and shoes.

This disturbed my son to the point he wanted to commit suicide.

I emailed the leader of the support group and explained to her how she is hurting people that are looking for answers. There are several of these groups in the Atlanta area.

When we tried to get professional help, we talked to a psychiatrist. He wanted to give my son estrogen and testosterone blockers on the first day they met.

It took me another month to find a psychotherapist. She indicated by law, she could not question a child who believes he is the opposite sex. Again, no one will help my son explore the root cause leaving my son even more confused because there is no help for kids who desperately want to just understand.

I have read where ex-transgender people suffered for years before they found out that they had autism or ADHD.

Please help us to help our children, or at least give the psychotherapist the liberty to ask questions to get to the root of these feelings without losing their licenses.

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