Even 21-Year-Olds Grow Up and Change Their Minds

We have a story that the transgender "experts" claim does not exist.  Our son, after six years of living as transgender in his 20s stopped hormone treatment. He took back his legal name and gender marker court, is now gainfully employed, and happy. His best friend, who also lived as transgender for several years, has done the same. I also know of yet another young person who has desisted after seven years. 

And they all say they feel much better after ceasing the feminizing hormones. And they are all three disgusted with the transgender ideology, especially when it comes to children.

This all began in 2011 when our young adult son told us he was transgender. He was 21 years old.

At that time, and even more so now, it was nearly impossible to find a therapist that would look deep into co-morbid possibilities or ask the hard questions that a lifetime of untested hormone treatments would entail. Transgender "experts" did nothing but fast track him in a matter of weeks and give him a roadmap to pursue to be female.

He ‘belonged' to a special ‘club’ and ‘cause', and for six years he did all they outlined: feminizing hormones, female presentation, voice coaching, legal name and gender marker change, etc. He was literally obsessed, and would not compromise on anything.

He and his transgender friends claimed they knew it all, but there is no true biological test for transgender, you only need to say you are. Suicide is the only alternative, we heard, and we must agree with them.

In this political climate, it has become impossible even to suggest the idea of unbiased, open-minded research or testing of any kind or length. No one else is allowed an opinion or question "transgender experts" without being labeled a bigot or transphobe. The sad, but not voiced, truth is that over the long run, many who live as transgender still have high suicide rates.

When we researched this for ourselves, we were very concerned about the medical risks: sterilization, increased cancer, heart attacks, and blood clots. In no other case, would the 'medical solution' mean making your child a guinea pig, especially a minor who is prone to fantasy, obsession, peer influence, and doesn't have fully developed reasoning.

Where are the psychologists or educators that can tell young people that it's ok to question, it's ok to "be yourself without taking hormones, that time changes thoughts, and life is what you make it--not what gender you think you are? They can't exist in today's political world because these days, if you are not "for" and embracing transgender medicine, you are against transgender individuals themselves. Do not be fooled that hormones and surgery is the only cure for gender discomfort.

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