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Custody Trial Observations

Younger-Georgulas Trial Observations: October 15-24

I am a member of the Kelsey Coalition.  I sat in the gallery to observe the jury trial involving custody issues for James Younger and Dr. Anne Georgulas in Dallas, Texas.  They have 7-year-old twins, James and Jude.  The mother, a pediatrician, began socially transitioning James without the father’s consent.  The mother is the plaintiff seeking to modify a previous judge’s orders. Below are some of my personal observations:

The trial was originally scheduled to last three days.  It lasted a week. The judge instructed the lawyers to wrap up testimony before all witnesses were called.

The jury was comprised of five women and seven men. The father’s attorney was encouraged with the chosen jurors.

The father was asking for sole custody and the mother had several demands of the father. Since the father wanted a jury trial and the mother did not, only the issue of sole custody would be answered by the jury.  The judge would decide on the demands of the mother.

During opening statements, the attorneys for the mother portrayed the father in a negative light while maintaining that the mother has never intended to medically transition James.  The attorney for Mr. Younger explained that jurors would hear from medical experts to explain the risks of social and medical transitioning.   An amicus attorney was appointed to provide a more neutral perspective.  He told jurors that the evidence must come from the witnesses and documents, not from the attorneys. He stated that both parents love their children and both children love their parents.

Another note of interest was that the mother’s attorneys had more time to call more witnesses than the father’s attorney.  Some of the witnesses on behalf of the mother included: a kindergarten teacher; Dr Benjamin Albritton, a custody evaluator; Abel Tomatis, James’ therapist; Dr Daniel Shumer, a pediatric endocrinologist; Rebecca Ouer, a psychologist; a social worker and a CPS case worker.  The father’s witnesses included two pediatric endocrinologists (Dr Steven Levine and Dr. Paul Hruz) and several character witnesses.  Two more of the father’s character witnesses were not called to testify. The father and the mother were both witnesses.

One of the mother’s expected witnesses was Johanna Olson-Kennedy.  She was observed in the courtroom, but was never called to testify.She and the mother’s legal team could be seen passing notes back and forth.

Two contrasting views came from the pediatric endocrinologists.  Dr. Shumer testified that when cross-sex hormones are given to the opposite sex, the side effects are the same as the effects of hormones found in the body naturally. Dr. Levine and Dr.  Hruz maintained that multiple factors need to be investigated before prescribing any treatment, including a comprehensive psychological evaluation. Dr. Hruz called transitioning an experiment.  Both maintained that gender is a social construct and that doctors must act in the patient’s best interest including “Do No Harm.”

Several digital media sources covered the story including LifeSite, The Texan and Russian Channel One.  No mainstream media were present until the last day (October 24) when the judge announced her final decision.

Before the judge read her decision, she ordered a closed court. No one except the father, mother and their attorneys were allowed in the courtroom. Only media with official credentials were allowed during the reading of her judgment (LifeSite News and The Texan were excluded for this reason).  The local CBS affiliate was the only one allowed to film.

The bailiff indicated that this closed court was highly irregular.  Observers in the gallery who had attended the trial were disappointed that they were not allowed to hear the judgment first hand.

According to one of the media sources allowed in the courtroom, the parents will maintain joint managing conservatorship and each parent will pay their own legal bills.  The judge read a 4-5 page decision. She said the mother had been overzealous in affirming James. The parents are not allowed to talk to the media. The Save James website must be taken down. The judge also mentioned the testimony of Dr. Levine and Dr. Hruz and that James is too back-and-forth to be pushed to transition.

I will continue to work to protect children.  I encourage you to join our efforts.