A Mother's Plea to State Legislators - Stop the Unconscionable Exploitation of Children

I’m asking this as the mother of a disabled child who—thankfully—escaped gender harm.  Barely.  And no thanks to my state’s legislation, which required her therapist to tell her that asking questions about whether her disabled body was “wrong” (after hearing as much in school) indeed meant that she was in the “wrong body.” 

No disabled child should hear that her body is wrong, but overwhelmingly that is what the gender industry sells.  Disabled and neuroatypical girls are now roughly 4000% overrepresented in the industry’s demographics.

I worked in an adult gender surgery center, and saw the suffering of its adult patients, and read the scientific literature for myself; I learned that although the suffering of sex-dysphoric people is real, no one can change sex despite over a century of live human experimentation; and that all we’ve learned from that century of experimentation is that surgical and chemical impersonation of opposite-sex stereotypes is harmful and has killed adult patients.  And now it’s looking to do the same to children.

You will no doubt hear threats from the gender industry; and, sadly, even some of its victims.

You’ll be told that if you don’t support experimentation upon children, they’ll kill themselves.

Those threats only show how willing the gender industry is to harm people in pursuit of political and financial aims.  This isn’t ethical; ethical practitioners have long since abandoned making public behavior-risk claims, after discovering from the lessons of the bulimia epidemic that it’s the experts’ claims themselves that contribute to social spreading of behaviors.  

We now know that this therapist-bred social-contagion phenomenon includes suicide.  Sadly, the one high-quality study of ADULT outcomes showed that gender intervention drove suicide risk up, not down.  For the industry to now subject children to that increased risk is unconscionable.

You’ll also be told that, if you don’t support gender exploitation of children, the gender industry will hurl its substantial political wrath at you, and use every trick it can think of to hurt your state economically and end your political careers.

And then you will know what children like mine, and parents like me, face when we attempt to question gender ideology in ANY way.  You will understand the single-minded power that sits across from a vulnerable child like mine when she sits in the examination room of a psychologist or doctor promoting gender experimentation.  You will know what parents face when they ask a simple question like, “can I see proof that this is safe and effective?”  You will see the industry for what it is:  Not science, not caution, but emotional blackmail and political coercion for profit.  And then, when you’ve experienced the fearsome power that such coercion has over grown adults, you will understand why it is absolutely necessary to keep children out of its crosshairs.

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