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Remove "Gender Identity" from the Equality Act

The Equality Act (H.R.5) proposes to redefine sex across all federal laws to include “gender identity,” an unprovable assertion based on one’s feelings. This bill, by amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964, will make "gender identity" a prohibited category of discrimination in public spaces.


This includes all schools, colleges, therapists, and physicians. While laws protecting “gender identity” sound fair and may be well-intentioned, their unintended harms are quite serious.

Why is this anti-discrimination bill harmful?

Therapists and physicians may face legal repercussions merely for exploring reasons why a client or patient might wish to identify as the opposite sex. They will be legally required to affirm children's self-declared identities.


Meanwhile, increasing evidence shows that many underlying factors influence transgender identities: mental health issues, autism, ADHD, trauma, and sexual confusion. A recent CDC survey found that 1 out of every 50 high school students identifies as transgender. Preliminary research suggests this is fueled by peer and media influences.


A common, but non-evidence based, treatment protocol for children who identify as transgender consists of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, which are known to cause serious and irreversible side effects, including infertility.  Physicians will be pressured to provide these invasive, non-evidence-based medical treatments to all transgender-identifying children.

“[T]here are no robust contemporary cohort studies of younger female-to-male outcomes,1 nor of supportive, non-invasive interventions.


Adolescents, who previously may have come to terms naturally with the emotional difficulties of pubescent bodies or with emergent homosexuality, may consider themselves to be ‘trans’ and be offered puberty-blocking drugs prior to psychoactive steroid hormones and irreversible surgery. We lack information whether these improve outcome, including reproductive consequences. Improved mental wellbeing is the main rationale for intervention though one study shows high rates of suicide after surgery.8 This could be due to ineffective treatment, ongoing prejudice, or co-existent mental illness. Rates of persistence, benefits and complications, regret, and detransition, are unclear.​"


​Secondary schools and colleges will be forced to treat students as the opposite sex based on entirely on how they self-identify. Secondary schools may be required to adopt policies that undermine parental rights. Administrators may change students' names and pronouns without parents' knowledge, and may include "gender identity" curriculum without parental consent.

Parents will be unable to find proper therapeutic support for their gender dysphoric children. The only legally permissible approach will involve automatic affirmation or fast-tracked medical intervention. Young people will gain easier access to life-altering hormones and surgeries, all without proper medical and mental health assessments. We will see more custody battles like this.