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Gender Harm Litigation Project

A team of litigation attorneys is working to change the policies and healthcare practices that cause psychological and medical harm to gender nonconforming young people. 

Please consider sharing your experiences to help with this important and urgent project. Even if you are not interested in pursuing litigation yourself —  or do not believe that you have grounds for a legal claim — your personal testimonial is critical in helping the litigation team create successful strategies to end unsound gender identity policies and indefensible healthcare practices that cause psychological and medical harm.

Please consider assisting with this project by sharing your experience if you (or your child, including those 18 and over) have:

  • Been psychologically harmed by school policies or curriculum,

  • Been psychologically harmed by mental health counselors,

  • Been medically harmed by healthcare practitioners, and/or

  • Received medications, hormones, or surgeries without a proper assessment or your fully informed consent.

Even if you are not personally interested in pursuing litigation —  or do not believe that you have grounds for a legal claim —  your personal testimonial will help the litigation team create successful strategies.

If you would like to assist with this important project, just send us a summary of your personal experiences through this form.

Please provide an email address that you are comfortable with us sharing with the attorneys. You may use a pseudonym. 


All submissions will be forwarded as written to the attorneys for their review. The attorneys will contact you directly if follow-up is needed. If you believe that you have a legal claim and are interested in pursuing litigation, please make note of this in your submission.