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Gender Harm Litigation Project

According to recent surveys, 2-3% of US middle and high school students now identify as transgender. Within individual classrooms and friendship groups, these percentages are even higher. Despite the preliminary research suggesting that social and psychological influences are fueling this rise, transgender identities are quickly affirmed. Schools change students’ names and pronouns without parental notification. Therapists accept children’s identities at face value without examining underlying issues.


Even more concerning is the growing practice of treating children with powerful puberty-blocking drugs (such as Lupron), cross-sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen), and irreversible surgeries (including mastectomies, radical hysterectomies, vaginoplasties, and orchiectomies). There are no rigorous studies supporting the efficacy or safety of these medical interventions, while the health risks are well-established. These life-altering treatments are offered to children as young as eight years old on the basis of feelings that are likely to change with time and non-invasive therapy. 


Parents are coerced to provide consent based on unprovable assertions: that gender identities are innate, that their children know who they are, and that affirming their child’s identity is necessary to prevent their suicide. Parents are not adequately informed about the serious health risks, nor are they encouraged to consider the consequences if their child later changes their mind. They are not told that there is not a single study supporting the efficacy or safety of these medical interventions, or that the suicide rate among surgically-transitioned adults is almost 20 times that of the general population.  


Young adults are also at risk. In the past, medical interventions were offered only to adults with a long history of severe distress after extensive medical and psychological screening. Today, cross-sex hormones are provided at “informed consent” clinics after only one visit. Letters for surgeries may be obtained easily from therapists who provide letters for surgery with just one “therapy” session. Travel is not necessary, as these services are easily obtained via Skype.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of young people are expressing their painful regret of medical interventions that have irreversibly impacted their health, appearance, fertility, and sexual function.


The Gender Harm Litigation Project is gathering personal testimonials to assist attorneys in developing multiple litigation strategies to end unsound gender identity policies and indefensible healthcare practices that cause psychological and medical harm. Please consider sharing your experiences to help with this critically important and urgent project.