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Ban Real "Conversion Therapy"

“Conversion therapy” originally referred to abusive attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation. Today, there is another form of “conversion therapy” that is performed on children: the hormonal and surgical conversion of their bodies on the basis of their identities.


Children who identify as transgender or non-binary are being quickly and irreversibly medicalized at increasingly younger ages. Puberty-blocking drugs are routinely given to prepubescent children. Girls as young as 12 are injected with testosterone, while teen boys are treated with feminizing hormones. These hormonal treatments on children are experimental and the consequences are serious. Even “gender-confirming” surgeries, such as mastectomies and vaginoplasties, are now being performed on minor children.


Children should not receive drastic medical interventions on the basis of feelings, self-diagnosis, and unprovable identities. We are calling for a Real Conversion Therapy Ban to end this identity-based medical experiment on children.

If you want to support our efforts to ban Real Conversion Therapy, there are many ways that you can help.

Contact your local lawmakers

  • Does your state/city/town already ban “conversion therapy”? Check this current list of states and municipalities. Send your local lawmaker our handout with a request to repeal the current law and replace it with a Real Conversion Therapy Ban.

  • If a bill is pending in your state -- or a bill has not yet been introduced --  send your local lawmaker our handout and ask them to introduce a bill to ban Real Conversion Therapy.

Join local parents in speaking out

Kelsey Coalition parents are meeting together to advocate for Real Conversion Therapy Bans. If you are interested in being part of this local movement, join the Kelsey Coalition and we will put you in touch with local state leaders.


Write to the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association


  • Send them our handout and ask them to reconsider their support of current "conversion therapy" bans, and instead support Real Conversion Therapy bans.


  • Share your personal story about how “affirmative care” has harmed your child and led to medicalization.


Share your personal testimony

Write a 500-word personal statement, or make a 2-3 minute video, to express your concerns. Using your personal experiences, explain why you believe current conversion therapy bans are harmful and why we need Real Conversion Therapy Bans. Submissions may be anonymous. We will send written and video testimonials to local, state, and government officials, and will post videos on our YouTube channel. If you are interested, contact us and we will provide you with instructions.