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"First, Do No Harm" Campaign

Most healthcare practitioners have been misinformed about the safety and efficacy of medically treating children who identify as transgender, non-binary, or suffer with feelings of gender dysphoria. This grassroots campaign will inform them about the harms that result from hormonal and surgical treatments and the lack of rigorous long-term studies supporting these risky and irreversible interventions.

Our Goal: 

To inform medical providers about the lack of evidence supporting transgender pediatric medicine, and the irreversible harms that result from hormonal and surgical interventions.

How You Can Help:

Join our letter-writing campaign by following these steps:

1. Print out (or email) this Dear Colleague Letter. You may also wish to include these attachments to give added support to the letter. 

2. Mail to as many pediatricians and healthcare providers that you wish.

3. Consider adding a note to the letter expressing your personal concerns, or simply mail the letter as-is and remain anonymous.

4. Send us the names and addresses of the providers that you contact so our medical team can follow up with them. 

5. Help us spread the word by sharing this link with others.