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"First, Do No Harm" Campaign

Countries around the world are reporting exponential increases in the number of young people identifying as transgender or nonbinary while clinicians are treating these children with drugs, hormones, and surgeries. Most healthcare practitioners have been misinformed about the safety and efficacy of these allegedly lifesaving treatments.

The medical literature on the health effects of these interventions “in the pediatric/adolescent population is completely lacking.” There are no rigorous long-term studies to prove safety or efficacy. Yet children as young as eight years old are given powerful puberty-blocking drugs, pre-adolescents are prescribed cross-sex hormones for lifetime usage, and “gender-confirming” surgeries (such as mastectomies, radical hysterectomies, vaginoplasties, and orchiectomies) are performed on teenagers. 

Meanwhile, many young adults are beginning to express regret for these irreversible medical interventions and are seeking legal remedies. We expect lawsuits will begin within the next five years.

The Kelsey Coalition has formally requested members of Congress, the Office for Human Research Protections, and the US Surgeon General to investigate this pediatric medical scandal. Groups in Australia and Sweden have called for a similar inquiry. Investigations have begun in the UK.

Medical professionals must be informed of the facts:

  • Despite claims to the contrary, there are no objective tests or biomarkers to prove a person’s gender identity.
  • Gender identities are based entirely on feelings that may change with time, brain maturity, and non-invasive therapy.
  • Puberty-blocking drugs, such as Lupron, have been known to cause long-lasting health problems, including bone loss and disease. Over 41,000 adverse reports have been filed with the FDA
  • A 2018 study of long-term risks of puberty blockers found that “the majority of subjects reported long-term side effects … while almost one-third reported irreversible side effects that persisted for years after discontinuing treatment.”
  • Studies of the impact of cross-sex hormones on adults have shown that males taking estrogen are at high risk for deadly blood clots. Females taking testosterone have an increased risk of hypertension, increased red blood cell counts, breast and ovarian cancer. Both males and females are at increased risk of myocardial infarction and death due to cardiovascular disease.
  • If children are given cross-sex hormones after their puberty is blocked at Tanner Stage 2, they will be sterilized.
  • The only long-term follow-up study of adults who medically transitioned found substantially higher rates of overall mortality, suicide, suicide attempts, and psychiatric hospitalizations among adults who surgically transitioned. We simply don't know the future outcomes for children.

We have begun a grassroots campaign to inform medical providers about the lack of evidence supporting transgender pediatric medicine and the irreversible harms that result from hormonal and surgical interventions. Please help us inform healthcare professionals and prevent medical harm by participating in our letterwriting campaign and following this simple Action Plan.